Time flies fast

Hello my dear readers,

I'm honestly sorry for not having written down something in so long. Last time was March 9th which was about a week before my dear friend from Germany came to visit me. Yes, you were reading right. I got to have my friend over for exactly 16 days :) not only did we have a great time in Peachtree City and surrounding areas but also were we able to spend the time of our lives in Cancun, Mexico. Memories start showing off in my head when I'm writing about it. It was an amazing time with beach, partying, adventure and culture. We spent our week in a hostel which was a great way to get to know people. It was actually our first time going on vacation with just the two of us and it could not have been any better. That traveling is amazing is what I got to know again and over again during this vacation. I wanna go back so badly some time. I enjoyed it even more than Mallorca to be honest.

It's pretty hard to catch up with more than a month not having written anything.. SORRY. 

I'm listening to some music on spotify right now. Love that app since it's structured in such a cool way and you also gotta be able to see lyrics in such an easy and pretty way.

When I look through my diary which just consists out of some short notes I feel like there's so much I could write down. I could literally sit here and write for hours but guess what makes me not do it? My laziness and tiredness. I kinda have become an American when it comes to being lazy.. but only in a tiny way. Normally I'm pretty active by going to the gym "daily". 

But let me just sump up some things. Starting at the beginning, right after my last post in March.

The weekend after I posted the last time, Corinna and I went out to an amazing nightclub to see Cash Cash. Those of you guys who follow me on Instagram might have seen a video that I have posted. It was incredibly amazing (: we had a fabulous time. The next day we had an au pair meeting up in Atlanta which was watching the St Patricks Day Parade plus having lunch and walking through Piedmont Park. Also we drove with Marta which is the Subway in Atlanta, not the safest though. 

The day Melissa came was also the day of my birth. The night before Cata and Sarah came by and we had fun baking pancakes and celebrating into my birthday. Thank you guys :-*

After I picked up Melissa from the airport the next day we met some friends at TacoMac that same night. I showed her around the next days, we were eating out a lot, going to the nail salon, going shopping, driving the golf cart, going to church and so on. Monday the 23rd was our special day when we went on our adventure in Mexico.

Great time! I might do a separate post about that time! If you want me to I'll do it for sure. So somebody please tell me I have to!!

We came back on a Sunday and she left the following Thursday. Saying good bye wasn't hard since she was pretty late and literally had to run into the airport. Is that a good thing?

The next big thing was Easter. The day before I had a fun day out in the nature with Sarah and Garrett though.

On Easter we did an egg hunt at the pond in the morning which was pretty fun. Afterwards I decided to walk to church. It was nice going to a catholic church again. Also walking was great so I decided for myself to do that more often from now on.

Last week the kids didn't have school because of spring break. Brayden and Easton stayed at a Karate camp every day from 9 to 2 though. I did some fun stuff with the little ones in the mornings. We found out about so many new golf cart trails. We met Sarah and her girls a couple times. We went on golfcartrides with them both with two and with all of us on ours. It was so much fun. We took our kids to chick fil a and we also had pick nicks at the parks. We overall had a great time.

One night I went to the gym which I prefer doing in the morning, one night I was eating dinner with Joey since Kristen was out for dinner, one I was running to a pretty lake, another I was going out to eat with Sarah and Cata, another night I went to the movies to see "get hard". The german title is so weird by the way!! The people I went with were half german, another funny story is how I got to know them.

I spent last Saturday out in the nature a lot and on SundayI was hanging out around the house. I also got to get free ice cream at dairy queen. Sometimes it's good to be german! ;)

This week school for the boys has started again. Today I met a girl from Australia that just moved here as an au pair, It was pretty fun! :) Never really met an Australian before.

Today was also special in that way that it's a year ago today that Lennart, my mom and I went to Berlin to have me apply for my Visa. I remember it has been only 76 days left until my adventure would start when we were in Berlin. Now I have been here already 289 days.

With these words I'm gonna wish y'all a good night and stay weird.

I try to talk to you more often if there are actually some ppl who really read what I was writing down.

See ya


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