3 months later

Hello my dear friends,

I'm back. For now. I just realized you haven't heard from me in months. I don't wanna come with excuses I am just gonna be honest. I have been busy a lot, having stuff going on daily. That's probably why I have never really found any time to write a diary.

The last months have been really exciting. Just about ten days after my last entry I went to Germany to visit my family and surprise all my friends. That's one of the reasons why it wasn't hard for me to hug Melissa bye since I already knew I was gonna see her again in about three weeks - she had no idea though! It was fun being back, seeing everybody. After a few days it kinda like felt I have not been away at all. It was weird though. I definitely had the biggest culture shock I have ever had in my entire life.

I got back in the beginning of May, so I got to spend about 10 days abroad. In the end of May I went to Tampa to obtain a weekend class. It was a great experience and I met some awesome au pairs that became friends super fast. I still haven't done any of the homework yet, I should really start on doing that but instead I prefer spending my time off at the pool. Summer definitely has gotten here. 

Just about a week later out awesome vacation in Hilton Head, South Carolina was about to start. It was AMAZING. I am still so thankful to my host parents that we actually went on vacation for a whole month. Beach life is the best life. I met some great people that were staying right across the golf course and behind a fence next to out place. We had a blast. Thanks for the fun nights hanging out, partying, swimming and just having fun.

What's the best thing? We are gonna go there again next year, for a whole month again. I can't wait, it has been SO good.

We got back and just about a week later 4th of July was about to be there. The day I got to PTC last year. So double special for me. We had a great time, watching the parade in pouring rain, going to eat lunch at Pop's and watching the fireworks at night.

I also went to my first baseball game just two days before July 4th. It has been so much fun. Thanks girls!!

I'm enjoying my time here right now.

Sadly, most my friends will be going home soon since they haven't extended their stay as I did.

I met a great girl at the gym in like May, we randomly started the same guide at the same day and thought that was funny so we spent so many days at the gym together. These few month were awesome, thank you Jenny if you're ever gonna read this. Unfortunately she just moved to Illinois on Wednesday to start a new life. She just graduated from college and now she's going to work there for the next year.

This week I also was out for dinner 3 times which - I think - is pretty crazy.


I don't know if from now on I will talk to you guys more often or if it will become less as before. We'll just see.

I just wanted y'all to know that I am doing great and this place has become such a great home to me.


See you guys,


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