Let's try it in English!

Hey guys!

It's been less than a week and I am writing a blog entry. It that real? Yes it is. I'm trying to post more often now. I'm still sad about not being able to post pictures anymore so I might have to post more on Instagram instead.

The reason why I got some time to write is because I'm still kinda sick and don't wanna go running to risk anything. Luckily, I'm about to be fit within the next few days. That's what I hope!

It's Tuesday, a pretty sunny day in the end of January, and I just spontaneously painted my nails in red. I guess that's not too exciting for you guys so I'm gonna tell you just a little bit about the last few days.

Friday night I was gonna watch a movie with two other girls but since we started the movie after 11 (caused by some technical problems) I fell asleep after the first minutes. They woke me up when it was almost 2 in the morning which was a weird kind of feeling!

Saturday was such a beautiful day outside. After I worked a few hours in the morning, I went to the park on the golfcart joined by Joey and the two older boys. We had a lot of fun. We went to Target later on the day and the boys got some Pokemon stuff since they are all into it right now Afterwards, we ended up going out for dinner as a family. The Mexican place that's only about two minutes apart from our home is known for its delicious food. However, it was quite a disaster since Landen was sick and really grumpy so neither of us could enjoy their food. It was an experience though!

That night, something happened that I was waiting for since months and I'm gonna tell you about all this once it's sure.

Sunday was pretty easy, I just skyped and hang out with the kids again. Since Brayden got a speaker for Christmas, it's awesome listening to loud music outside while playing basketball and doing all kinds of fun things. Later that night I went to the 1$ Cinema with Sarah and we saw 'beyond the lights' which I can definitely recommend!

Yesterday, Hudson, Landen and I enjoyed drinking hot chocolate in the morning and the two boys' highlight was watching some 'worker boys' digging. They are building a new house in our neighborhood so we will have always something to do the next nine months haha.

I met my good friend Johanna during my break. I haven't seen her in more than a week since her mom is visiting her right now. I can't wait to spend more time with you again in a bit!! Kisses!

In the afternoon, the boys and I just spent some time in the playroom and outside. Their baseball season is starting soon so Brayden and his next-door neighbor friend started practicing. 

This morning, I just took the little ones to school. Hudson has 'silly day' today so it was funny putting him in clothes that do not match at all. Two different pairs of socks and shoes, funny looking hair and a christmas tie are just a few things that made him look super silly.

Well, I hope it's fine that I finally tried to write something in English. I think, I'm gonna to that every once in a while.

Wishing y'all a nice day.


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